July 20th, 2020 Official Beta Pre Launch Begins and runs until September 30th, 2020

October 1,st 2020 begins our Official 90 Day Pre Launch

$99 in Free Leads every week and the Free marketing ebooks will be available for download in your membership account under downloads beginning the first week of August.

The purpose of our 2 month beta is to test run the system and server, back office system, commissions, links and payment processing services. We would much rather fix minor glitches with a few hundred members than 100,000 members.

During this time we will also be testing various different advertising methods as well, we don’t really want to spend $50,000 on our launch advertising without testing some different channels, ads, images, landing pages, etc. first.

Regular Memberships will be on a reservation wait list which will process on August 1st, however, Founders Positions are currently open until they fill.

We DO NOT want Members to do any HEAVY advertising just yet, some small ads are fine or bringing in a few special contacts that want to get in on the ground floor, but major advertising is a hold til September 1st.

We want feedback from our Members, Good, Bad & Ugly…let us know what you think by sending an email to Doc at [email protected]

Notes To Ponder: July 2020 is the 35th Anniversary of the Back To The Future release! It’s also to the day, July, 20th, that back in 1985 I saw Back To The Future for the very first time! Imagine that!